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SatinSays Products Thus Far

Body Butters-Birthday Surprise, Obsession, Divine Protection, Wealth Empire,Sexual Euphoria! I loved the smell of each of the creams. Women and Men extra friendly and even received free items/gifts more than usual with or without my son.
Yoni Wash-Strawberry Sins! This is my first yoni product EVER and I love the scent and my yoni feels/smells even better. I’m currently “bae awaiting” so I’ll update my review once I receive some frequent Capital D🍆
Bundles-I haven’t gotten a sugar daddy or 3 just yet but that’s probably because I don’t go anywhere but to drop my kid off daycare/school and then I’m off to work, then back home. But I will say this, that SD oil got some grown me blushing about me and that spray is mysterious, and I love the way the oil saturates my skin. I can’t wait to sit on somebody son’s face, and take a break from paying for everything myself until then I’m patiently waiting for the spirits and more SatinSays products to arrive.
Sprays-CTM, WE, SD! These sprays are the icing on the cake because it’s the last product I put before I start my day. If I’m at work, I get more compliments at the end of the day than I do in the morning. I’m in love with all of the SatinSays products I received thus far and even though I can’t afford to take advantage every week I’m appreciate the skin I’m in, my newly found confidence, the life of luxury that is awaiting for my son and I. I can’t say this enough, thank you Mama Sati💋🤎🌸

Tomeka J.

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Evolving Q.
Blessed products

Anything Mama Satin birth is a blessing. Products are so 💣 and they really work. Just shedding some light and the truth about these products.

Money & good luck bundle

This smells fire! I love the smell. Instantly it’s so refreshing and gives off great vibes. It was definitely worth the wait and price. I see what the hype is this queen and her spiritual team does they thing ! Appreciate it Satin💯


I’m so satisfied with the purchase I made from y’all. It has satisfied my every need. The oil is just breathtaking, I want to bathe in it. I was not let down at all from the products I purchased from y’all. Definitely will be making a purchase again!!!

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