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      How long does it take to ship?  Due to our extremely high order volumes, we are expecting delays in processing as noted in our terms at checkout, before you process your order. Orders ship within 30 days of the order date. receiving tracking means it's in queue to ship. Not that it has shipped, as UPS dates is not from SatinSays. All orders agree to this as noted upon checkout.
  • All orders are final, but you will receive a re-send for any issue we confirm is an internal missing item. You must send in an email regarding the issue within 24 hours. Please be detailed in your email, as we process order issues in the order it's received, so the quicker we receive it, the quicker you will receive a response. If we sent you the wrong item, a replacement will be sent immediately upon processing your replacement request, pending approval. After 2 days have passed, we will not be able to process your request. We do not offer refunds. Orders may take up to business 30 days to process, this is separate from shipping time. Receiving a tracking number means it's in queue to ship, not that it has shipped, so keep this in mind. Ordering from us means you understand this, and agree to it. We also cannot resend items sent back to us without customer paying for new shipment fee, or we can accept refund request minus our 80% restock fee. If you order a subscription, you must email us to cancel, it is not deemed canceled until we have approved the request. Your subscription must be in place for at least two months, two payment cycles before cancellation is allowed, as you agreed to such at checkout. Any audios or videos are only sent once, to the email on file. You must download immediately, as you will not receive another email. 

  • Please ensure your email and delivery addresses are correct, as communication will be via the email within the order.
  • We also do not edit addresses, if you input the wrong address, we are not obligated to resend it unless you pay for another shipping. We can however, give store credit for the item, minus a restock fee of 80%. Please do not email about order processing times, as that just delays us further, we have stated processing times several times on the homepage, and at checkout.
  • We are not liable for your order shipping once it leaves our warehouse. Any claims processes are the discretion of the shipping company. We have no control over their damages, shipping times, delivery, or payout of the claims. Once an order leaves our warehouse, we are not liable for shipping issues. You must file a claim with the shipping company. We can give you the link to file said claim.
  • Subscriptions: You need to contact us to cancel a subscription, it is not deemed canceled until we receive notice and process it. Keep in mind we cannot cancel within the enrollment minimum of 2 or 4 months, depending on your frequency. The minimum being 2 months, no orders are canceled, as all orders are final sale. This is agreed to upon checkout, and no exceptions will be made whatsoever. 
  • If you refuse an order, and it gets sent back to us, you are liable for 80% restock fee of the order total. This supersedes any chargeback or dispute. We dispute any chargeback via our attorneys. We ship all orders in the order it is received, and you accept all of the service terms at checkout.
  • If you enter a fraudulent chargeback, you will have any other pending orders canceled, and a 80% restock fee will be deducted, the remaining will be refunded to the card on the order. You will not be able to order on SatinSays.com again, and you are not able to enter any chargeback on the refunded orders. Ordering means you understand this is our policy. 
  • We will refund any order that is requested to be canceled and agreed to be canceled per SatinSays management. This form of cancelation will be assessed a 80% restock fee, of which is agreed to upon ordering on SatinSays.com. Thus, your refund will be deducted 80% of your order total, for the time spent creating and blessing and pre-packing your product. This supersedes any chargeback, and will be provided to any bank as valid evidence proof per our attorney.
  • How do I get help with a received order issue? In the unlikely event that we send a wrong  item, we will resend the correct item once we check our internal shipping photos for proof. You must contact us within 24 hours of receipt, or your claim is void, and the order is final, no exceptions will be made. 
  • Please be sure to email help@satinsays.com within 24 hours of receipt of your order if there is an issue with an incorrect item.

    We do not change addresses or edit orders that are completed, so check that all information is correct before submitting your order. Ordering from us means you understand this, and accept it.

    All other inquiries should utilize the Contact Us form.

  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, we are pleased to announce that we now ship international, please note we are not responsible for your country's duty fees for acceptance, the receiver is responsible, as that's tied to your country laws. Any refusal will be due an 80% restock fee, and refusal of further service.
  • I need help with my order. The quickest way to receive an update is check your email. Updates are sent to the email on file. Once the order is made, you will receive tracking information. That does not mean it has shipped, it means it is now processing to ship.
  • Please do not email for order status, we ship all orders we receive. If you have any other urgent request, you can email help@satinsays.com. You can also utilize the contact form from the home page. Please note we do not edit orders whatsoever, and all orders are final sale, no refunds or exchanges are allowed.
  • If your order is returned, please inform us within 24 hours of it being set back, so that we can file a claim. We have no control over UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL, or any shipping claims timelines, as they're prone to take up to a month to pay out claims, sometimes longer. You must speak with them directly.
  • Know that this is not on the behalf of SatinSays, and we cannot simply send replacements if your item is damaged. The claim must be made by the customer. This is at the discretion of the shipping company. Please understand we are a small business, and our entire tribe is important to us, we simply have to follow such processes.
  • What's your return policy? Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. If there is an order defect, or you're shipped the wrong order, please email us within 24 hours of receipt of you order, and we will ensure that you receive the proper store credit, or replaced item. We take photos of all shipments, thus we will confirm what you were sent.
  • What happens if an order is canceled? We do not cancel orders unless there is a payment issue, or management agrees to cancel an order per your refund request. Please note this is a 50% restock fee, and that's all this is refunded. Alternatively, in case there is cancellation due to an issue with your payment, we will contact you via email to fix it. All orders made are final sale. If we agree to cancel an order, it will be assessed a 50% restock fee, which Is agreed to at checkout. No exceptions will be made. This is agreed to at checkout!
  • Are your products plant based? Yes, all of our body care products are  plant based, natural, and spiritually blessed.
  • What products do you suggest? All of our products work, many working on the very first day. We would recommend you purchase what you feel drawn to the most. We also have amazing reviews on many of our products on