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Satin Says©

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Surrender

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Surrender

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 Bend someone to your will with your SatinSays Surrender Custom Candle!

This powerful candle, personally conjured by Mama Satin and her Great Grandmother Mama Hattie, has endless properties!:

  • Used when you want to bend someone/something to your will, be it a lover, or an event.
  • Perfect if used with your SatinSays: Domination Fixed Candle, Domination Herb and Root Kit 

Those who've used this candle have seen their specific manifestations unfold in their favor, such as gaining the affection of their target!


None of SatinSays candles have karmic return.


These Vodoun Candles are a staple from my Great Grandmother "Mama Hattie" , as she literally is the most powerful Voodoo Priestess I know. I teamed up with her in formulating these candles to make sure you receive both new school Vodoun from me and old school Vodoun from her.

With our combination of energy, you will get your desires met quickly. Just set it and forget it! You don't need anything extra, and each candle comes with complete directions on how to use it!

Once activated, you will begin to to receive messages from spirit. Another great advantage of this candle is immense protection from your my spirits, ignited to help keep your manifestation protected.


This candle is VERY POTENT and POWERFUL, so please make sure you're ready for this kind of powerful magic.

It's also important to leave spirit some offerings, at least water, and sage should be used when lighting this candle. 

This candle is custom-made and comes with a free crystal on select orders over $200!

Blessed be!


Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and we do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We are not responsible for any personal use. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLE UNATTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.




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