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Satin Says©

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Soul Tie Removal

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Soul Tie Removal

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Need to break away from a toxic ex, or anyone that you have a deep connection to, but they’re ruining your life? Buy this SatinSays Soul-Tie Removal  Candle!

This powerful candle, personally conjured by Mama Satin, has endless properties!:

  • Cuts the cord between any toxic soul ties to exes, or anyone you've been having entanglements with.
  • Heals emotional trauma. 
  • Help you move on from the past and bounce back better than ever! 
  • Also works to release your tie to toxic family 
  • Perfect if used with your SatinSays: Midnight Touch Collection, Divine Protection Bundle

Those who've used this candle have reported feeling free from the weight of their past, and ready to receive their true blessings! 

Please be ready, as this spell is extremely powerful, and spirit will make it as uncomfortable as possible for you to go back with the person. If you indeed go back, be prepared to deal with the consequences. This is a game-changer! 

This candle is VERY POTENT and POWERFUL, so please make sure you're ready for this kind of powerful magic.

It's also important to leave spirit some offerings, sending us a review will suffice as offering. 

Blessed be!


Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and we do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We are not responsible for any personal use. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLE UNATTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kathleen W.
Keep a close eye out!

I burned this candle for someone else who is in a demonic soul tie relationship. Be very careful to pay attention to it while it burns! It burned in 10hrs non stop and by the time I looked back it was black and bubbling at the bottom with the whole tin in FLAMES. I’m talking dark and dense energy. The flame was split right in two, dancing like a mf. Definitely take heed and pay attention with the burning of it depending on the level of evil in the soul tie you’re severing.

Love E.
Burned Bright

I’m very excited to see what comes from this candle. It burned bright and hard (it emitted black smoke for the first 30min). Now I await my results anxiously. Thank you Mama Satin!

Nelly N.

Before i even received this candle i was having dreams of said person and kept seeing posts on ig about cutting cords. Then last night when I opened my package i heard a whisper then a snap/tearing I lit this candle and prayed I got so emotional then slowly began to feel like a weight was being removed from my body. The flame has been going wild ever since.... This is truly powerful magic, Thank you Mama Satin for helping me gain my confidence and self love back after a terrible relationship. ❤

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