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Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Saint Expedite

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Saint Expedite

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Need a speedy solution? Call upon the Saint Expedite with our Saint Expedite Fixed Candle! 

This powerful candle, personally conjured by Mama Satin and connected to her guiding spirit, has endless properties!: 

  • Acts fast and is perfect for speedy solutions!
  • Increases wealth quickly. 
  • Can assist with legal matters.

A number of people who've burned their Saint Expedite Candle have noticed results within weeks, be it a check, legal matter, or more! Someone has even received a new home. Get your Saint Expedite Candle today!


Saint Expedite is Mama Satin's guiding spirit, which means she was born attached to him. So while others may have to invoke him and hope he answers, he always answers for her!

With her strong connection to him, she has blessed these candles to help you in whatever your immediate desires are.

Light this candle and tell Saint Expedite what you need. Be sure to give him offerings of pound cake, rum, and white flowers, once he grants your request. 

Tag us @SatinSaysTribe and tell us about how fast Saint Expedite has worked for you, as he loves public recognition!


Legal Disclaimer:


We are not responsible for any personal use. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLE UNATTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Right after I finish my candle i got more ot and job offer 💚💚💚

Chandler M.

This candle is so POWERFUL! I was shook when I realized what was happening. I was asking for a new place to live. And literally within days of lighting the candle a place I had been waiting to hear from for a year contacted me about moving !

I can’t wait for my next purchase!

Nanyamka P.
Yasss Come Thru St. Expedite!

First of all, as usual, my package came right on time! I honestly don't even remember why I originally purchased St. Expedite, but I burned it for a court situation that popped up with my landlord. My fiancee and I applied for rental assistance and those jerks pulled some mess and ended up taking us to court. I started burning my candle on the first day we had court. The judge was a little rude but I chalked it up to him having a bad day. We got a continuation that day because the judge wanted to give our application a chance to move through the system (blessing 1). The next session, my fiancee and I used some of our Divine protection oils before court started, and put some frequencies on in the background. This time, our application was marked high priority on the judge's list. He gave us another continuation because he said he's neverrr seen anyone's application marked high priority. The other lawyer tried to talk back and the judge lit her **** up lol. We ended up being selected for the rental assistance(blessing 2) 2 days before the next court session, our lawyer called and basically said he felt like he did all he could do, and we're basically on our own. We also found out the rental assistance had run out, and we were on the waiting list. Usually we would have been all over the place, but we knew St. Expedite had us. The next day he decided to represent us again. The next day was supposed to be court, and I put out a glass of rum and some slices of cake for St. Expedite, because we were definitely seeing movement on what I had asked for help with, although we still have no answer on when we'll get our assistance. Guess what? Another continuation! (blessing 3) One week later, we find out our low-confidence having lawyer is no longer with the firm representing us, and we have the Big Boss representing us at our next session. (blessing 4) We still have about 2 more weeks before the next court date, and I feel like no matter the outcome everything is working out exactly how its supposed to be. St. Expedite is definitely the truth ya'll! Not only does he make them moves, its like he also keeps you calm while those moves are being made. Whewwww baby I'm so grateful for Spirit, my ancestors, benevolent Angels and Saints and of courseeee Mama Satin because I feel like everything worked out perfectly so that I could get my package right in time for that first court date. Will definitely be updating after that next session!

St. Expedite

I'm currently burning St. Expedite and I see him working!! I've been receiving way more tips at work. I thank you St. Expedite for what you have done and will do. 🙌🏽💰💰💰🙌🏽

Angelica B.
Just want to sing his praises

This is the first half of my review I just wanted to say st expedite flames and the energy was so high I just feel his power as I wait on him to answer my patition. I will give a update when everything is said and done

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