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Satin Says©

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Return to Sender

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Return to Sender

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They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what about when someone sends negativity your way? 🍋💫 Do you squeeze the life out of the lemon, or do you simply stir up something sweeter?

⬇️ Here’s the tea ☕️

We’ve all felt that sting when wronged, that fiery urge to strike back with a hex. But let’s get real - diving into dark waters just to get even? That’s not your style. You’re above the muck, you’re the lotus in the pond. 🌸 Because reality is, majority of people are not capable of doing a proper hex. That’s why it fades. My hexes last for generations, but I rarely revert to it. I have something even better to teach you! 🙏🏾

🔥Enter the game-changer: the Return to Sender Candle from

This isn’t your average scented candle; it’s a beacon of balance in a world that often tips the scales. 🕯️

Imagine someone tossing a boomerang of bad vibes your way, only for it to swerve around and head right back to them. That’s the power of Return to Sender – it’s not just defense, it’s poetic justice. 🔄

Why wrestle with low vibes, when you can stay in your glow and let karma do the heavy lifting? Lighting up this candle is like choosing peace over chaos, grace over grimace. It’s not about ignoring the wrongs; it’s about choosing not to let them define you. 🔥

With every flicker, this candle whispers, ‘Not today, negativity. My light’s too bright for your shadows.’ It’s not magic – it’s a mindset. And it’s yours with the strike of a match.🔥

So here’s to staying luminous in a dim world. Let’s not just navigate the storm; let’s shine through it.

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2️⃣Divine protection candle
3️⃣Spiritial cleanse bundle

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This is THE candle for defending yourself against an enemy! Burn your SatinSays Return to Sender Custom Candle to put them in their place!

This powerful candle, personally conjured by Mama Satin has endless properties!:

  • Protects you from negative and evil energy!
  • Sends the bad energy from your enemies right back to them tenfold.
  • Prevents your enemies from harming you any further. 
  • Has the ignited power of several powerful spirits to aid your protection!

Those who've used this candle noted the presence of those bothering them has diminished, people have moved away, and they're able to freely enjoy their blessings! 

Some may call it the 'revenge candle' but all you're doing is stopping negativity in its tracks, and giving them what they tried to give you.

Think of it as a mirror, reflecting the energy back unto them, but without you having to seek revenge on your own. This is literally one of our most asked for candles, and we're so excited for you to feel its immense power!


These Vodoun Candles are a staple from my Great Grandmother "Mama Hattie" , as she literally is the most powerful Voodoo Priestess I know. I teamed up with her in formulating these candles to make sure you receive both new school Hoooooh from me and old school Vodoun from her.

With our combination of energy, you will get your desires met quickly. Just set it and forget it!

Once activated, you will begin to to receive messages from spirit. Another great advantage of this candle is immense protection from your my spirits, ignited to help keep your manifestation protected.

It's also important to leave spirit some offerings, you. An send us a review to and it will be accepted as offering. 

This candle is VERY POTENT and POWERFUL, so please make sure you're ready for this kind of powerful magic.


Blessed be!


Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and we do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We are not responsible for any personal use. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLE UNATTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.




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