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Triple Power Witch

Personalized & Powerful Manifesting Audio

Personalized & Powerful Manifesting Audio

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Tap into your subconscious and manifest the life of your dreams with the power of sound frequency!

These one-of-kind audios are blessed with a number of benefits:

  • Your specific desires imbedded into them by choosing which song you want from the drop down.
  • Your frequency vibrations will automatically be raised, bringing your desires to you!
  • Naturally releases blockages and negativity in the subconscious, amplifying your manifestation power.
  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners!
  • Opens up the chakras, especially the Crown and Third Eye. 

Each audio is specifically conjured for you and your manifestation!

  • Money Manifestation: amplifies with money energy 
  • Peaceful Love Manifestation: increases tranquility between you and your partner, or among family 
  • Protection Manifestation: aids in increasing protective energy 

  • Optimal Health Manifestation: assists with health and healing energy
  • BBL & Clear Skin Combo Manifestation: helps clear blemishes, acne, and achieving the body of your dreams
  • Self Love & Trauma Releasing Manifestation: helps heal inner child, trauma, pain, provides emotional and spiritual balance 

  • Dream Car Manifestation: assists with finding dream car
  • Soulmate Manifestation: aids in finding soulmate and increasing pure, unconditional love 
  • Destress/ Mental Clarity/ Healing Depression/ Motivation/  Rejuvenation Manifestation: aids with emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, renewal of the spirit, soothing depression, and achieving goals 

  • Pass Exams Manifestation: assists with excellent academics
  • Custom/All Around Life Changer: removes blockages from all aspects of life, like love, money, success, and health 

  • Weight Loss Manifestation: assists on weight loss and fitness journey 

  • Pregnancy Manifestation: increases fertility, aids with healthy pregnancy 

  • Hair Growth Manifestation: encourages healthy hair growth 

After using the SatinSays Manifesting Audios, many people have reported receiving their desired manifestation, such as influxes in income, business opporuntities, and peace in their relationships. 


Listen to your audio at least twice a day on loop. It will attract your manifestations to you exponentially! This is a universal frequency, where you will raise your vibrations while also bringing what you desire to you, instead of you trying to get to it on your own. 

They key is to let go of your attachment to your desire, and allow this audio to work for you in miraculous ways!


This audio will be delivered to you as a mp4 via email only once, check all folders in your email. 

It is likely you will receive your audio before any other package items if your order includes items that need to ship. So please be aware that is normal, as the audios are processed separately.  

⭐️We will not resend audios under any circumstance. You are also not authorized to duplicate nor share this audio as it is conjured to wreak havoc on anyone attempting to pirate this SatinSays trademarked audio! It’s up to you to download the audio to your phone once received.

✅Again, there will be no duplicate audio sent. Download to your phone immediately upon receipt. You cannot come back to the audio on our system. You get one audio sent, so ensure it’s downloaded to the correct place on your phone. 


Legal disclaimer: 

This is to be used as entertainment purposes, and not to discourage anyone from seeking mental or health professional advice. 







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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Absolutely the best way to relax thanks satin and spirits for these high vibration audio


So far all the meditation audio have done me so much justice I literally listen to them every morning and have felt a great impact since I started I will highly recommend these meditation autos.


I truly love this audio I listen to it everyday I have notice my anxiety has calmed down tremendously and I’m waking up feeling good about my self again..thanks so much for recommending this one for me Mama Satin..

Love it

Love it!!❤️ It helps me clear my mind and relax to get my day started.🥰 Thanks Satin and Ancestors😘

Weight Loss Audio

I got this and even though I don't listen as much as I should, I have been in the gym 3-4x a week since October. Sometimes 2x a day. I had absolutely no movement before because i work from home. I am working on my consistency and then my diet is next. I can't wait to see my body transform.

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Please be aware of processing timelines noted in our help & info tab, at the bottom of this home page, right here on this product, and agreed to at checkout! Rest assured you will LOVE your products! It will feel like Christmas when it arrives!

Subscriptions: our subscription must be in place for at least two months, two payment cycles before cancellation is allowed, as you agreed to such at checkout. Any audios or videos are only sent once, to the email on file. You must download immediately, as you will not receive another email. 

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