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Satin Says©

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Bring Him Back To Me (Intense x2🔥)

Satin's Magickal© Fixed Candle: Bring Him Back To Me (Intense x2🔥)

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❤️🔥Introducing the powerful union of Ezrulie Dantor and Ezrulie Freda, a dynamic duo that will captivate your ex's heart and soul, leaving them pining for your love like never before.🥰

Imagine a spellbinding dance of seduction and desire, as Ezrulie Dantor weaves her enchanting charm around your ex, drawing them closer with an irresistible allure.

Like a shimmering jewel that beckons in the moonlight, this mystical amulet will wrap them in a web of longing, igniting a fire in their heart that only you can quench.

🌪️❤️Enter Ezrulie Freda, the goddess of love and passion, whose essence infuses every fiber of this enchanting sPell. With the grace of a swan and the power of a lioness, she will awaken the dormant embers of love within your ex, stirring a storm of emotions that will compel them to seek your presence, to yearn for your touch.🙌🏾

Watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes, as your ex is drawn back to you like a moth to a flame, unable to resist the magnetic pull of your renewed connection. They will come crawling back, begging for your attention, their heart laid bare at your feet, powerless to resist the irresistible allure of Ezrulie's embrace.💫

Embrace the power of Ezrulie Dantor and Ezrulie Freda, and reclaim the love that was once lost. Let the magic of this mystical union work its wonders, and watch as your ex falls to their knees, consumed by a burning desire to be with you once more. Act now, and rewrite the story of your love with a tale of passion, desire, and eternal devotion.

Those who buy this candle will notice old lovers returning to them, new loves blooming, and a deeper sense of peace in their new partnership!

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Legal Disclaimer:

We are not responsible for any personal use. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLE UNATTENDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.




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