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Triple Power Witch

Book RootWork with Mama Satin

Book RootWork with Mama Satin

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Want Mama Satin to perform an ancient, extremely powerful ritual for you? You will be amazed at how quick and how powerful this magick works! 🔥

🔔 Please read this entirely before booking: 

SatinSays does not contact anyone for payment. Please be aware you can only pay for products or services on directly. You can write your specific desire in the order notes AFTER you checkout, or email it on the day of booking. Otherwise it will be completed with a general chant that your guides will connect to you as needed. 

Our official Instagram is: @SatinSaysTribe

✅You will receive confirmation via email or texts (ONLY IF YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED TO RECEIVE EMAILS OR TEXTS FROM US) once rootwork is done.

All root work is completed within 7 days, even if your email or text isn’t sent! All rootwork is complete within a week of booking! 


Read carefully: 

You CANNOT ask for more than one thing with one petition. You just book one rootwork for each petition, or Mama Satin will choose which desire to conjure on. 

For example: you cannot ask for return lost lover rootwork and then ask for them to be faithful,for you  to get married, for them to be honest, and more passionate.

You can ONLY CHOOSE ONE desire per booking. Or book multiple rootwork for each separate desire. 

You will not be given status updates via any other means! If you have other items in your cart, the email is sent when all items are fulfilled to prevent multiple emails. Ordering means your understand this.

📱 To ensure you’re subscribed to text, text the word SATINSAYS to 855-489-4188

❤️🔥This ancient magick has a host of benefits!: 

  • You will see results almost immediately, though everyone’s situation may be different. Many people have gotten results same day! 
  • You do not have to do any additional work, only thanking the spirits and Mama Satin! (Sending in a review) 
  • This is performed with your specific manifestation 
  • This powerful, age-old ritual involves extreme life changing events, so be prepared to allow the changes 
  • This is combined with modern high society magick (the type that celebrities secretly use to tap into a higher status)
  • With consistent bookings, you will see even more powerful results! These spirits work whether you understand magick or not! 

🎉There are a number of RootWork services dedicated to your specific manifestation! 

  • Soul Mate: aids in finding soulmate and pure, unconditional love
  • Quick Cash: perfect for quick monetary solutions
  • Increase Attraction from Someone: draws a lover/person of your desires close to you
  • Enhance Love: increases the love, affection, and dedication in a relationship
  • Continuous Extreme Wealth (requires monthly booking): amplifies abundance, success in business ventures, increases income, and overall money blessings 

  • Protection: increases power and intensity of protective energy 

  • Pass An Exam: assists with academic excellence 
  • Be More Motivated: increases drive and dedication when it comes to our goals, wants, and desires 

  • Remove Blockages: helps clear the pathway for your manifestations to come through, relieves obstacles and stagnant energy 
  • Return Lost Lover: assists with getting an ex back
  • Fertility: increases fertility, assists with pregnancy 

  • Gambling Luck: increases luck and favor when it comes to gambling 

  • Get the Job: assists with luck in finding and secure your desired job 

  • Increase Business Sales: helps with amplifying overall business income, success, and revenue 

  • Health and Wellness: can improve overall health on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level 

  • Mental Health: assists with soothing depression, anxiety, stress, and mental blockages 

  • Domination: can be used to conquer a person or situation in your favor 

  • New Home: assists with finding and securing a new, beautiful home
  • Soul Tie Removal: removes toxic exes or past lovers from your life, so you're ready to start fresh 

  • Court Case: assists with legal cases/matters

  • Fidelity: will aid in issues of unfaithfulness and commitment 

  • Come To Me: draws the person of your desires to you, increases love/affection, and can assist with attracting other blessings to you (such as money and success)

  • Sugar Daddy: helps you get and keep a sugar daddy without having to give any sugar (if that's your desire!)
  • Complete Reset: reset your life after a particularly rough time, start a new and experience exciting news, better mindset, and a clean slate 

🙏🏾🔮💫Lives have changed after purchasing the SatinSays Personal RootWork Sessions! People have noted they've experienced results within minutes of the ritual being performed. 


✋🏾This is NOT your basic conjure and it requires a ton of energy! Don’t obsess over results, and give gratitude and thanks to the spirits once it works! Do this publicly. 

🙌🏾Now every time you come back to Mama Satin to do this work, if will work even better for you! The spirits like dedication, they reward those who give them praise. Give the spirits their praise.

👏🏽There is no karma and it works whether you believe in magick or not, just ensure you’re ready to receive! Go add it to cart NOW! 


Legal disclaimer: 

This is to be used as entertainment purposes, and not to discourage anyone from seeking mental or health professional advice. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Leanne M.
It worked for me!!

Satin is the TRUTH!! Her rootwork hit within a month or so of going through with super strong results. Cannot recommend her personal work enough. I love you mama!!


my reading was very acurate

Simone S.
I can’t thank you enough!!!

Me and my fiancé moved to Houston,Texas July 1st from ny. We had a good amount of money saved up but with all the expenses of moving we noticed our money was starting to dwindle quickly.My fiancé decided to play my license plate number and we won $7,800, he allowed me to put all that money in my account and we have been very comfortable. We will both always be loyal customers of you Satin. We send our love and appreciation to you and the spirit guides.

Gambling Luck

Almost won 14,000 dollars. Next time I’ll win 20,000 . I know my Rootwork will kick in. Thanks Mama Satin

Always top tier!

Always grateful for the RW, it works so well. The key is to let it go and know it’s already happened! Then boom it’ll come into fruition.

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Don't forget not to obsess over results! The magic is there. all products come blessed and activated, just stay committed to using it, and results will continue to amaze you!


Please be aware of processing timelines noted in our help & info tab, at the bottom of this home page, right here on this product, and agreed to at checkout! Rest assured you will LOVE your products! It will feel like Christmas when it arrives!

Subscriptions: our subscription must be in place for at least two months, two payment cycles before cancellation is allowed, as you agreed to such at checkout. Any audios or videos are only sent once, to the email on file. You must download immediately, as you will not receive another email. 

We do not edit orders once completed. Please ensure shipping and billing match, or your order will be held until verified.