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Book Your CUSTOM Sigil 🔥 SERVICE with Mama Satin (services do not ship, no refunds, read details before booking)

Book Your CUSTOM Sigil 🔥 SERVICE with Mama Satin (services do not ship, no refunds, read details before booking)

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Want Mama Satin to create an ancient, extremely powerful sigil for you? You will be amazed at how quick and how powerful this magick works! This is highly requested by her celebrity clients and now open to the public. 🔥

🔔 Please read this ⭐️ entirely ⭐️before booking


This is our 🔥BRAND NEW 🔥 FULLY Customized Sigils at (this does NOT ship, it’s only emailed to the email you enter, make sure you have the correct email). All directions are emailed with the sigil ONLY. 

FYI: these sigils will NOT work for ANYONE ELSE except the client who pays in full. So anyone else won’t be able to use it without karmic energy coming to them. This is a WAY DIFFERENT form of magick than anything you’ve ever experienced. This calls upon some very ancient practices conjured with the highest level of magick!

You will be absolutely amazed at how fast and profound it works! 🔥

⚠️ DO NOT ORDER THIS if you’re not READY for changes to happen fast, not dedicated to this daily, or for things to be shaken up to bring you your desire. Changes are different for everyone as this is a custom sigil conjure.

The sigil brings protection for the person it’s for, but that requires you to be EXTREMELY careful not to let anyone else see it!

The SatinSays sigils we make are protected with extremely ancient and INTENSE magick, in case anyone even attempts to duplicate it or use it for themselves.

This comes fully customized to your exact desire (be realistic), but detailed. You can only ask for one manifestation per sigil ordered. You cannot ask for more than one request, you will need to order another one. 

This service will be delivered via email only to the email you input on the order on (ONLY for those who follow the rules). 💯

You can tell us your full BIRTH name and DOB in the order notes AFTER checkout. No late notes will be added. We can perform the conjure without it. 

This has a STRICT policy where anyone who doesn’t adhere to the rules will have their order canceled before it’s given creation if the rules are not closely followed.

Get ready for this EXTREMELY POWERFUL FORM of magical secrets brought to you by SatinSays👁️


🙏🏾🔮💫Lives have changed after booking this sigil work! People have noted they've experienced results within minutes of the ritual being completed. 


✋🏾This is NOT your basic conjure and it requires a ton of energy! Don’t obsess over results, and give gratitude and thanks to the spirits once it works! Do this publicly. 

🙌🏾Now every time you come back to Mama Satin to do this work, if will work even better for you! The spirits like dedication, they reward those who give them praise. Give the spirits their praise.

👏🏽There is no karma and it works whether you believe in magick or not, just ensure you’re ready to receive! Go add it to cart NOW! 


Legal disclaimer: 

This is to be used as entertainment purposes, and not to discourage anyone from seeking mental or health professional advice. 



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You will be get first dibs on when this restocks!


Don't forget not to obsess over results! The magic is there. all products come blessed and activated, just stay committed to using it, and results will continue to amaze you!


Please be aware of processing timelines noted in our help & info tab, at the bottom of this home page, right here on this product, and agreed to at checkout! Rest assured you will LOVE your products! It will feel like Christmas when it arrives!

Subscriptions: our subscription must be in place for at least two months, two payment cycles before cancellation is allowed, as you agreed to such at checkout. Any audios or videos are only sent once, to the email on file. You must download immediately, as you will not receive another email. 

We do not edit orders once completed. Please ensure shipping and billing match, or your order will be held until verified.