Need a Wish Quick? Petition Saint Expedite!

Saint Expedite, also known as Saint Expeditius, is one of the primary spirits used in the SatinSays Candle Collection

In the living world, St. Expedite was a Roman soldier, or Centurion, born in Armenia. For his conversion to Christianity, he was executed. His strength, bravery, and commitment to his faith immortalized him as a martyr and the beloved saint we know today. 

He is considered the Patron of Speedy Cases. When you want something, and you and you want it NOW, St. Expedite is the spirit to petition. 

For this very reason, SatinSays carries the St. Expedite Fixed Candle. Not only does St. Expedite work fast, he’s directly connected to Satin. Therefore, his power comes through that much stronger! 

To work with St. Expedite or the St. Expedite Fixed Candle, here are a few things to know. 

His Colors Are Red and Yellow 

St. Expedite is most often associated with red and yellow. Red is considered the color of expeditionary-- or with strength-- which St. Expedite’s name is derived from. Yellow equates to success. 

Depending on the context of your petition, you have the option of adding colors that are directly aligned with your desires. For example, if you’re looking to make some quick cash, green is the color you’re looking for. Or for love, pink! 

Always Have a Glass of Water on His Altar 

This is a vital step in creating an altar for St. Expedite! Though it’s important to feed him, especially after he’s granted your request, if nothing else be sure he always has water. Water is ancient and a foundational element of most spiritual practices. After all, spirits are thirsty, too! 

Do NOT Give Him Offerings Before He’s Granted Your Request!

I repeat-- do NOT give St. Expedite any offerings before he’s fulfilled your petition! Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT! He’s one of those spirits you just can’t feed first. Unless you have a direct connection with him, he’ll see no need to work once he’s received his treats! Stick with water until it’s said and done. 

Do Not FORGET to Give Him Offerings!

Though you shouldn’t give St. Expedite offerings beforehand, you must not forget to feed him! Otherwise, he will take back what he’s bestowed. Spirituality is all about balance. When something is given, it’s taken from somewhere or something else-- and that must be honored. If not, what was given will be taken back. 

What to Offer St. Expedite 

This saint is cute, AND has a sweet tooth! St. Expedite is a softie for sugar, specifically pound cake. It’s both the traditional offering and his favorite! You can buy a premade pound cake, or bake it yourself. Either way, he will be a happy spirit! 

In addition, St. Expedite also enjoys red wine, red flowers, and chocolate. 

When to Use St. Expedite 

If you want something quick, St. Expedite is your spirit. He’s best used for money and losses, however, he’s helped a buyer of the St. Expedite Fixed Candle receive a new home! 

When it comes to matters of love, although you can petition St. Expedite for this, he will not overstep his boundaries with your ancestors. Before there is any movement, he will go to your ancestors for approval first. If they say no, then he will honor their wishes. 

Better candles for love petitions include: Love Drawing 7 Day Fixed Candle, Double Action Heart 7 Day Fixed Candle, Peaceful Love Candle, Oshun Goddess of Love Candle, Surrender Candle, or the Sex and Love Bundle.  

St. Expedite is a powerful spirit. If you’re looking to get something quick, whether it be fast money or the solution to an emergency, he is the saint to petition! 

Buy the SatinSays St. Expedite Fixed Candle here.

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