Manifesting 101: Recommended Chants and Products

Chants and affirmations play an important role in our manifestations. They keep our thoughts directed and amplify the energy we’re trying to create. 


When using our SatinSays Magickal Products, such as our yoni washes, body oils, and candles, utilizing the power of chanting during your use will increase your manifestation power in the exact way you need! 


Below, we give you some example manifestations and chants to recite with our products!


Abundance or Money 


If you’re looking to increase the amount of prosperous energy around you, our money and wealth related products are perfect for you! Let’s start with our citrine and aventurine crystals. Citrine is a happy stone associated with abundance and creativity. Aventurine is the crystal that will help in breaking generational curses in regards to finances. It’s the stone of longevity, keeping that abundant energy created by our citrine crystal high and continuous. 


Products for Abundance/Money include: Wealthy Empire Body Spray, Wealthy Empire Vodoun Candle, Wealthy Empire Body Oil, Wealthy Empire Body Butter, Money Bracelets, Money & Good Luck Bundle, Money Pyramid, Money Drawing Triple Threat Candle, Money Manifestation Audio, and Shango Abundance Candle. 


Chants for using our Wealthy Empire/Abundance products include: 

  • "I am open to acceptance and to all the wealth life offers me."
  • “Money flows to me abundantly, I am extremely blessed, I am grateful and thankful, I am never stressed. I exude monetary energy everywhere I go, I am prosperous, I am successful, I am wealth’s vessel.”
  • “I bring to me _____, [it/she/he/they is/are mine]. I am the spell, I wear the spell, I become the spell.”


Overall Manifestations 


For any general manifestations, for example, increasing happiness, confidence, beauty, and emotional balance, our citrine and carnelian will do you justice! Carnelian is a popular stone for promoting self-confidence, attractiveness/attraction, mental clarity, and healing of the sacral chakra. Citrine and carnelian are a great combo for figuring out what you want for your life!


Products for General Manifestations include: Block Breaker Candle, Magickal Journals, Clear Face Bundle, Ancestral Spirit Candle, BBL Candle, All-Around Life Changer Candle, Happy & Healthy Bundle, and Happy & Healthy Bracelets. 


Chants for using our Manifestation products include: 

  • "I Manifest my desires in perfect time.” 
  • “I bring to me _____, [it/she/he/they is/are mine]. I am the spell, I wear the spell, I become the spell.”


Soul Tie Removals


Soul Tie Removal manifestations are no joke. Regardless of if you’ve moved on from a particular relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic, karmic, etc., sometimes there can be lingering spiritual ties. At SatinSays, we have a number of products that will work to cut those extra ties and free you completely from the past. 


First, our clear quartz crystals will help in cleansing all negative energy within and around you. It balances and aligns all the chakras, providing a fresh, healing energy. 


Our Soul Tie Removal Candle is one of the best products to remove a spiritual bond, accompanied with a Happy & Healthy Bracelet. Adding a Block Breaker Candle prior to the Soul Tie Removal, as well as the Healing Candle after, also makes for a great SatinSays magickal trinity! 


Chants for using our Soul Tie Removal products include: 

  • "Release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future.”




As we’ve stated in past blog posts, protection is an absolute MUST! No matter what your manifestation is, it is always recommended to protect yourself first. We have an abundance of protection products to ensure that you’re surrounded by good energy. 


We recommend our tiger’s eye and amethyst crystals. Aside from being a great good luck charm, tiger’s eye is an amazing protective stone, especially if you’re traveling long distances. Amethyst, in addition to being one of the best stones for opening the third eye, is a great stone for psychic protection. 


Products for Protection include: Divine Protection Bundle, Protection Bracelets, Spiritual Cleanse and Protection Bath Kit, Evil Eye Protection Jewelry, Spiritual Protection Candle, Protection (Ochosi) Candle, Divine Protection Candle, Protection Stone Rings, Divine Protection Body Oil, Protection Manifestation Audio. 


Chants for using our Protection products include: 

  • "I am protected and surrounded by peace and serenity.”
  • “I am protected by white light, grounded by earth, I am blessed by my ancestors, who were with me since birth.”




If you’re looking for love-- to gain peace in your current relationship or to find your soulmate, our products will help you! Start with our aventurine and rose quartz crystals. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, and deepens compassion and empathy. Rose Quartz is the romantic stone promoting  pure, unconditional love. 


Products for Protection include: Sex and Love Bundle, Peaceful Love Candle, Love Drawing 7 Day Fixed Candle, Oshun Goddess of Love Candle,  Love Stone Rings,  Love Bracelet, Love Spell Jars, Double-Action Heart Candle, any of our Yoni Washes, Obsession Body Oil, Lover’s Candle, Love Manifestation Audio. 


Chants for using our Love products include: 

  • "Open my Heart to Give and Receive Love."
  • “I am love, I am peaceful, I attract love, loyalty, and fulfillment. What is meant for me will come to me easily.”
  • “I bring to me _____, [it/she/he/they is/are mine]. I am the spell, I wear the spell, I become the spell.”


Additional Products and Chants


We have a variety of products at SatinSays, and a number of different chants that will be effective for their use. Below are a few examples of the perfect chants for our magical items!


  • Sugar Daddy Products (Bundle, Oil, Spray, Body Wash)
    • “Without sugar he/they pays all my bills, without sugar he/they brings my life luxury. My pockets are rich and full but his credit card he gives freely.”
    • “I am blessed with a sugar daddy who doesn’t need to touch to get his thrills. All my wishes, from money, to trips, to bills, he happily fulfills. 
    • “I bring to me _____, [it/she/he/they is/are mine]. I am the spell, I wear the spell, I become the spell.”


  • Fertility Products: (Fertility 7 Day Fixed Candle, Magickal Spiritual Bath 21 Divisions, Yemaya 7 Day Fixed Candle, Yoni Washes, Yoni Oil):
    • “My womb is healed, my menstruation is balanced, I am so divinely fruitful and nothing stands in my way."

  •  Block Breaker/Oya Candle
    • “I overcome all obstacles, I break apart every block, I am aligned with my power and my purpose.” 
    • “I am protected from all evil, all negativity, all hate and jealousy. No harm directed towards me will see prosperity.”
    • “My enemies are struck down by their hate. In my defense, my spirits await-- my protectors, my warriors, my ancestors conquer all those who wish to see me suffer.” 

  • Study Hall Candle: 
    • “I pass this test, I am success, my future is rich and bright.” 
    • “Knowledge flows through me, easily absorbed like water-- life giving.”

  • Power Magnet Body Butter: 
    • “I am powerful beyond measure, my chakras are balanced, my soul is purified, I am entering my higher ascension and manifesting with ease.”

  •  BBL/Weight Gain and Loss Candle:
    • “My body is a sensual temple, luscious and curvaceous, toned and juicy in all the right places.” 
    • “All unwanted weight melts off my body, tightens and tones until it’s sculpted to my desires.” 
    • “My body is plump and fruitful, divine and goddess-like.” 


  • Yoni Washes:
    • “I am divine, I am a goddess, I am fruitful, and powerful. My ovaries, uterus, and sacral chakra are all healthy and ignited. I am orgasmic euphoria by myself, but with my mate we open healing portals.”

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