All About Pendulums

Like tarot, the history of pendulums is vast and diverse. You might be familiar with the term ‘pendulum’ in reference to clocks or mathematics, they’re one of the number one divination tools you can use during spiritual practices. 

What Are Pendulums Exactly?

Specifically, pendulums are anything weighted and hanging from a piece of line-- like a strong, chain, or chord-- that can swing. 

Spiritually, they’re used as communication/healing devices for deeper access to our spirits or subconscious. Basically, pendulums are able to sense differing levels of energy, which is what causes it to move in the appropriate directions. 

How Do You Pick A Pendulum?

Pendulums are made from a variety of materials, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for! For example, pendulums made from crystals tend to be very popular due to their ancient connection to the earth and divination. 

You’ll know a pendulum is right for you when you hold it. When I chose mine, a strong energy shot up my arm into my heart. 

How Do You Use A Pendulum?

After you’ve chosen your pendulum, always, always, ALWAYS cleanse it before use! This goes for any spiritual tool. It keeps you safe from any unwanted or negative energy. 

To cleanse it, you can dip it in a bowl of salt, use SatinSays Holy Water, SatinSays Florida Water, or smoke cleanse with SatinSays Incense, especially frankincense and/or myrrh. 

Once this is done, ask the pendulum to show you, ‘yes,’  ‘no,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘I don’t know.’ Every pendulum is different for the specific person they’re connected to. And if you’re using your pendulum to speak with spirits, they may have a distinct way of showing you they’re listening. 

After this, you can ask it questions! It’s good to start with something simple, like, ‘Is my name ___?’ It helps when getting used to the energy! 

Keep in mind that pendulums are VERY accurate. However, it’s still important to be specific with the questions that you ask. If your wording is too vague, or your energy is low, there’s potential for the answer you get to be incorrect. 

What Can You Use A Pendulum For? 

If you’re unable to hear or see your spirits, pendulums are the perfect dialogue to strengthen the relationship you have with them. You can ask your ancestors questions about their life, or look for clues as to who your spirit guides are. 

Pendulums are also great for checking your chakras. The energy they detect can inform you what chakras are open, closed, or blocked. 

SatinSays products that can help unblock your chakras include: 

Overall, pendulums are a must have tool for divination! Anyone looking to strengthen their spiritual bonds, I promise you, will not regret beginning pendulum practice.

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