A Spell To Stop Gossip!

A ritual to control gossip about you: If you are tired of having your name in the mouths of your enemies, a little magic can help make them find something else to talk about. Let’s use our magick!:

No More Gossip

Use this spell to silence negative gossip. To perform this spell, you will need:

Begin by dressing the candle with the bulldozer oil, lighting the incense, and writing your target's name on a piece of paper with the marker. When these items are ready, light the candle. Say: 

"[Target's name], you have said plenty.
Try to speak of me again,
and your mouth will be empty." 

Pick up the paper and say: 

"This paper is paper no more --

it is [target's name]'s lying tongue." 

Place the symbol of the gossiper on the paper. Roll it up as best as you can, and begin to wind the black thread around it. Say: 

"You cannot hide.
Your tongue is tied.
Your lies are through.
Accept your due." 

Tie off the thread, and pass the paper through the smoke. Picture your enemy no longer able to say a single bad thing about you, and all of the people around them seeing their lies for what they are. When you are ready, snuff the candle, and place the paper somewhere where it will not be disturbed.

Release Negative Gossip Energy 

Gossip brings negativity. You go through days trying to refute their lies, and the stress drains your energy. Cleanse yourself of gossip and keep it from staying on you so you can go on about your life wholesome and happy. 

For this, you will need:

First, combine the body wash and kit in your bath water. 

As you mix it, chant:

"Fragrant herbs, turn negativity away. 

Only your sweet perfume may stay. 

Slippery elm, smooth and slick, 

Let gossip's effects slide off right quick. 

Snowy salt of the endless sea, 

Cleanse slander's bitterness from me." 

Now picture the water filling with sweet, golden light. Repeat the chant as you stir. When you are ready, step into the tub. Allow yourself to soak in the vibrations of the herbs and salt, and picture them forming an armor of light around you. With this visualization in mind, step out of the tub and allow yourself to air-dry. 

These spells, performed together, stop gossip and keep gossip's negativity from staying on you. This will help you regain control of your situation.


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