5 Ways Herbs Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

It’s impossible to separate herbs from spirituality.   

At the core, herbs birth rich energy for whomever prepares them and wherever they're prepared for. The majority of religious rituals and practices rely on some form of herbal ingredient to sanctify a journey towards a higher consciousness. Whether it be a gift to Christ like myrrh or a tool of empowerment like frankincense in Voodou, herbs are an essential element of spirituality and spellwork!  

To grow as a practitioner and complete powerful rituals, it’s important to have knowledge on different herbal ingredients and their purpose.  This article lists 5 ways you can strengthen your practice with herbs. Many of these herbs can be found in products on SatinSays.com, while herbal magick lessons are available in the SatinSays Coven!


First things first, protect yourself!

Before any rituals, sigils, or even prayers can be done properly, you must protect yourself from any negative energy that could be lurking around you; this includes ancestors who may not have your best interest in mind, evil eye energies, demons, and more. While your options range from chanting psalms, drawing salt circles, and burning incense (palo santo and frankincense are my personal favorites), there are a number of herbs that enhance your protection such as peppermint, cinnamon, marjoram, pepper and garlic, angelica root, basil, and hydrangea.

You can also perform a more powerful ritual with the intent of protection! The monthly rituals performed by SatinSays.com’s CEO, Satin Sanchez, often offer a protection ritual and there are a number of protection products available for purchase, such as spiritual protection candles and gris gris

Cloves are an especially perfect herb for deep protection. You know you’re doing something right when your place smells like pure garlic! 


We deserve some form of success, whether that be success in business, love, or personal growth. A success ritual can work wonders if you do it right. Wonderful success herbs are rosemary (which is also delicious with pasta!) and my personal favorite, bay leaves! 

Bay leaves are a bit like honey, (another one of my favorites-- SO SWEET!) an all purpose manginfer! To work with them, write your manifestations on the leaf and either set it on the altar or burn it. You can do this by lighting the leaf, or throwing it in a heat safe pot with a match. Personally, I love burning bay leaves! However, real ones are incredibly hard to keep lit. And if you’re in an apartment like myself and you have to worry about fire alarms waking up the whole building, put the bay leaf on your altar. It’s just as powerful!

SatinSays products that amplify success include: Healthy, Happy, & Successful Bundle, Block Breaker Candle, and All-Around Life Changer Candle. 


Peace means different things to different people. For me, peace is finding balance within myself and contentment with myself. Or in short, soothing my anxiety. Peace bringing herbs are clary sage, mint, and marjoram. Products made with these herbs are also available on SatinSays.com: Divine Protection Bundle, Peaceful Love Candle, and Midnight Touch Oil. 


Conception is a complicated process. Herbs like cinnamon, coriander, and mint are some of the best for assisting with fertility enhancement. The Yoni Washes on SatinSays.com have been proven to increase fertility as well, if it is the desire of the buyer! The most popular washes are Strawberry Sins and Aphrodisiac Euphoria. Combined, they are a delicious duo! However, all the scents are equally as powerful. Just shake the product and chant your intent as you use. 


Our health should be our top priority-- especially in times such as these. Herbs like cinnamon, poppy seed, coriander, chameleon, angelica root, and allspice can work wonders for herbal health rituals like baths, food, or tea magick. 

It is advised for all those beginning with spellwork to wait before performing medicine rituals with herbs. Medicine is a much more in-depth practice. It requires a highly refined and deeply rooted connection with your ancestors and spirit guides in order to practice property. It’s also worth noting that poppy seeds are difficult to find, so if you come across a store that has them, get them in bulk! Products with poppy seeds are used in many of the bath rituals, such as the Spiritual Cleanse and Protection Kit and the Super Potent Spiritual Bath,  available on SatinSays.com. 

Honorable Mention: Oils!

Oils can be extracted, but if you don’t feel like working with plants, you can buy oil. The manifestation power is still strong. SatinSays carries a number of powerful ritual and body oils used for enhancing wealth, love, sex, and more!

Overall, the most important thing is to remember the effect of these herbs relies on your intentions! All the power is within you and your spirit. So long as you continue to learn and grow, your magick and your spirit will reach its ultimate power. 

To learn more about magick, witchcraft, and spirituality, sign up for the SatinSays Coven! Available for a monthly donation, the amount up to you, through CashApp ($satinsays). We will discuss your spiritual journey and provide a support system, a sisterhood, most of all a bad ass witchy family!

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