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Satin’s Magickal: Spiritual Rice

Satin’s Magickal: Spiritual Rice

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Ignite your manifestation with this ancient form of magick!

Unlock the power of countless spirits with our Spiritual Rice - a sacred offering that invites love, prosperity, and protection into your life. Infused with the energy of its purpose, our premium rice ritual  acts as a conduit for manifesting your deepest desires and intentions.

Whether you seek love, abundance, or safeguarding, our Spiritual Rice serves as a powerful ally in your spiritual journey. When combined with our floor washes and spiritual baths like Spiritual Cleanse, Come to Me Wash, and Unhex Body Wash, the synergy created amplifies the energy and intention, creating a potent force for transformation.

Offer Spiritual Rice to the spirits on your altar as a token of gratitude and connection, or scatter it around your home to invite in the energies of love, money, and protection. Each grain carries the essence of positivity and intention, infusing your space with harmonious vibrations and blessings.

Embrace the transformative power of Spiritual Rice and witness how it can enhance your life on multiple levels. Let love, prosperity, and protection flow into your life effortlessly with this sacred offering. Elevate your spiritual practice and manifest your desires with every grain of Spiritual Rice.

Extra tips:

  • This rice will amplify the energy of your manifestation!
  • Increase the energy of your SatinSays Manifestation Candle (you can place it around your SatinSays candle) on the outside 
  • This is Ancient spellwork with heightened power and potency 

We offer a wide variety of spiritual rice to assist with almost any manifestation!

  • Love (Red): increases affection, attraction, assists with love manifestations 

  • Protection (Blue): amplifies protective energy, repels evil/negativity

  • Money (Green): increases abundance, opens up monetary opportunities, assists with money manifestations

  • Block Breaker (Black): removes blockages so you can manifest with ease

Celebrity clients who've used their SatinSays spiritual rice have experienced their manifestation coming to fruition, such as protection from toxic energy. A lover becoming more attached, and money flowing in from everywhere! 


Simply speak over your rice and give thanks to the spirits for what they have done for you. There is not a chant needed. The rice comes fully conjured for its purpose and ready to use. 

A ritual Mama Satin suggests is to place the rice in a dish, and leave it under your bed for 7days.

On the 7th day, you can discard it by either placing it at a crossroads, or at a garbage away from your home. You can also bury it in your front yard (except block breaker). 




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