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Personal RootWork Service: Bulldozer Ritual

Personal RootWork Service: Bulldozer Ritual

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Need an intense, ancient, and powerful ritual performed? It's time to get your SatinSays Bulldozer RootWork Service!  

This rootwork service carries an energy unlike any other, and we offer a number of them to aid in fulfilling your desires!:

  • ❤️Love Me!
    • ⚡️Book this if you love someone and they don’t love you in return. They will begin to open their heart to you and not understand why.
    • ⚡️Book this if you are in a situationship or struggling relationship and want to make them commit.
    • ⚡️Book this if you have genuine feelings and want it to be reciprocated.
  • 🔥Protect Me!
    • ⚡️Book this to remove any evil energy or entity from harming you in any form (this is so powerful it will work on everyone in your house)
    • ⚡️Book this to repel curses (even one’s placed by people you aren’t aware of)
    • ⚡️Book this to drive away demons (including addiction demons, mental illness demons etc.) This overpowers and kills any demonic spirit and any evil energy.

(You may have a dream about a fire, it is expected, and just signifies death of the demonic spirits, it also provides proof you were cursed, so consider yourself lucky to have it released).

  • 🤑Money!
    • ⚡️Book this when you want money and abundance to pour in for a desire you desperately need to live. This works in many ways and will bring a quick burst of cash flow.
    • ⚡️Book this when you need to reach a financial goal for a specific purpose (ex: down payment on a house).
    • ⚡️Book this when you have an immediate need for a large cash flow to buy something that will bring you immense happiness. Not just material things. It needs to be a strong desire for something you actually need, but seems impossible.

Congratulations to all who book 🎉

There will be a handful of spots open for each! Once booked, it will not return until this batch is complete!


This rootwork is conjured for 11 days. You do not send in any notes and will not be sent a video or any other information. There's nothing you need to do to make this work. Do NOT obsess over results!

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